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Nicole, 41, is a pharmacist with a husband and two teenage kids, who is at a point in her life when she is asking if ‘this is it,' or whether there's something more.

One day she gets a letter from an anonymous Observer who knows her daily habits, and her potential, intimately. He has a plan for her, if she is interested. The letter contains a green card that she should place in her window, if she wishes to pursue the mysterious relationship. If not, she should throw the letter away, and she will never hear from the Observer again.

After a few days of internal debate, she puts the card in the window and begins a long relationship with the elusive Observer, who puts her on a program that starts by changing her life, but ultimately threatens everything that has meaning for her.

First 2 Minutes of the Film


"BLOOD PRESSURE is an Intimate, Must See Thriller"
-Marina Antunes, Quiet Earth

"Most of the film's best qualities are understated, but that shouldn't mean that it gets underestimated. Where so many thrillers use their generic trappings as an excuse to trot out familiar cliches, BLOOD PRESSURE gives the impression that it's discovering its true potential right along with its heroine."
-Adam Nayman, The Globe & Mail

"Assured storytelling ... the allure of BLOOD PRESSURE is how it proceeds just under a current of melodrama, until we've found ourselves deeply invested in the plot"
-Jesse Skinner, Toro Magazine

"The audience is pulled in, waiting for the next contact, urged on with quick cuts and staccato bongos - a little '60s spy-flick clice, but fun... BLOOD PRESSURE shows that Garrity is a director to watch."
-Linda Barnard, Toronto Star

"A triumphant double-edged examination of empowerment"
-Scott A. Gray, Exclaim!

"Tightly crafted... very gripping with a fabulous performance by Michelle Giroux"
-Brian D Johnson, City TV

"The plot will creep under your skin and raise your pulse"
-Chris Knight, The National Post

"Looks more like a high pedigree French film than something out of English Canada."
-MacLean's Magazine

"The film has a quiet beauty and a sinister edge"
-Glenn Sumi, NOW

"Garrity fashions something tense, steely, and affecting out of a premise that might've yielded an erotic fantasy if the events here weren't so rooted."
-Jason Anderson, The Grid

"BLOOD PRESSURE is a subtle and atmospheric film, grounded by the central performance of Michelle Giroux... What's remarkable is the sharpness of the characters and the rich layering of the dialogue"
-George Godwin, Rough Cut

"A clever thriller that relies on character and a strong sense of place... Michelle Giroux is spectacular"
-Patrick Mullen, Cinemablographer

"A genuinely disturbing piece ... with a fine lead performance by Michelle Giroux"
-Steve Gravestock, Toronto International Film Festival Programmer

"Everyone should see this movie"
-James Borsa, UMFM

"BLOOD PRESSURE will have you on the edge of your seat.The best part? You won't feel bad for enjoying it."
-Addison Wylie, FilmArmy

"A thriller driven by characters and human emotions, as opposed to mindless action"
-Screen International

"A taut and nourish thriller that keeps you guessing"
-Whistler Film Festival

"Always poised between the art-house and the multiplex, Garrity has found a sweet spot with BLOOD PRESSURE... the film has an immediate and irresistible narrative hook. But it also invests in the quieter qualities of character and setting and mood, making for an intimate and effective little psychological thriller."
-Alison Gillmor, CBC

"An intense and intimate psychological thriller"
-Brandon Barrett, QCulture

"A pulse-pounding thriller"
-Sydney Levine, indiewire

"Intelligent direction, crisp editing and unfailingly tasteful cinematography... a dark intensity that is compelling... provocative, and yes, a little sexy"
-Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press

"An indie Canadian dream team of actors"
-Andrew Parker, Dorkshelf

"A lulu of a thriller. 4 stars"
-Chris Alexander, Metro

"Sometimes a plot can set up expectations in such a way that the eventual reveal doesn't feel like a letdown. Such is the case with Blood Pressure"
-Calgary Herald

"Not to be missed"
-Hal Anderson, CJOB


Judah Katz

as "Mike"


Jonas Chernick

as "Darryl"


Michelle Giroux

as "Nicole"


Jake Epstein

as "Josh"


Tatiana Maslany

as "Kat"



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  • February 22 – Winnipeg (Cinematheque)
  • March 2 – Kingston (Screening Room)
  • March 8 – Winnipeg (Grant Park)
  • March 15 – Toronto (Royal)
  • March 16 – Kamloops
  • March 16 – Port Moody
  • March 22 – Toronto (Carlton)
  • March 29 – Calgary (Plaza)
  • April 5 – Toronto (Kingsway)
  • April 11 – Regina (RPL)
  • April 13 – Sudbury (Rainbow)
  • April 19 – Edmonton (Garneau)
  • May 2 – Waterloo (Princess)
  • May 3 – Guelph (Bookshelf)
  • May 10 – Halifax (Carbon Arc)
  • May 10 – Montréal (Parc)
  • May 10 – London (Hyland)
  • May 12 – Victoria (Cinecenta)
  • May 31 – Ottawa (ByTowne)
  • June 28 – Vancouver (Vancity)
  • July 5 – Saskatoon (Broadway)
  • July 5 – Winnipeg (Cinematheque)
  • August 7 – Windsor (Capitol)
  • October – Barrie
  • October – Brandon


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